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Christmas before Thanksgiving??

12 Nov
Shopping list
Checking the list!

After work today, I found myself at the mall (A.K.A. my home away from home) Christmas shopping! That’s right…you heard me…Christmas shopping. I thought this year –  as I am trying to be fiscally responsible  – I need to stretch my every available dollar and think outside the box. What a great idea?!? I will have such a jump on all my shopping…clearly no one else would have thought of this AMAZING idea before me right?! Well…the stores thought of this AMAZING idea before me…they actually are playing Christmas music, wearing Santa hats and saying Merry Christmas!!! Ok, now I just feel sorry for Thanksgiving…although they do have the parade. Ehh…turkey day will survive.  And let’s face it…black Friday is the bridge that brings Thanksgiving and Christmas together.
Back to the topic at hand…Christmas Shopping!!! I am happy to say – let the games begin!!! I had felt such a rush…those shiny bags, the smell of peppermint at Bath & Body Works, the boxes, the music and oh the feeling of accomplishment!
I’m sure you are thinking – hmmm…I’m on a budget too, how do I start this fiscally responsible Christmas shopping you speak of? Well…do like Santa does: MAKE A LIST! You do that for grocery shopping, you do it for your honey do list and for your assistant at work – why not do it for your Christmas shopping?!  Do you know what you are getting that special someone in your life? How about your parents? Your best friend? Your boss?  The mailman?  Your favorite baker?  Your travel agent?  Your favorite blogger?

Inside of Bath & Body Works



Welcome to Gifty Galore!

12 Nov

I am a shopaholic that would love to share my addiction/gift with the word! I want to help people…one gift at a time! I have two passions in life…helping people & shopping! Why not combine the two? Welcome to Gifty Galore!